Magnus Williams Chambers is a fully integrated Nigerian law firm that has been rendering quality legal services and advice to a broad spectrum of local and international clients on diverse corporate and commercial law issues.

The firm of Magnus Williams Chambers has been in practice for over ten years and has evolved from a general practice law firm into a unique and dynamic firm that has successfully blended years of experience with an innovative approach in the provision of qualitative legal services in the handling of substantial and complex corporate and commercial transactions.

The firm’s legal expertise ensures that it provides comprehensive legal services that are structured around clients’ needs and expectations. Our commitment to strategically sound advice requires us to understand both the broader issues at stake and to have a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs so as to ensure that technically correct legal advice is merged with sound business sense.

The firm is organized along the lines of its core competencies and draws from a wide range of skills and expertise at all levels of experience within the firm in terms of achieving our clients’ demands. In addition, our firm grasp of the local business environment and in depth knowledge of the socio-political landscape is significantly aided by the diverse skills, interests and backgrounds of our team of legal practitioners.

Magnus Williams Chambers aims to surpass the highest standards of legal practice in all areas where it provides its legal services and our commitment to integrity, excellence and hard work combined with our dedication to providing effective, appropriate and efficient advice to service the needs of our clients, enables us to fulfil and frequently to exceed our clients’ expectations.